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1. How do I make a Booking?

To book your dream holiday, contact us and we will help you through the booking process.

2. How ill my holiday be confirmed?

Providing your chosen holiday is available we will confirm it over after receiving the Full payment. We will send out a confirmation invoice and you will receive you confirmed ticket and other documents of your cruise booking.

3. Can make changes after booking is confirmed?

Yes, you can. Subject to availability.

4. Will I need a travel insurance?

Yes. All guests must have appropriate personal travel insurance before departure.

5. When should I schedule my flight home?

Give yourself several hours between the time you get off the ship and the time you need to board your flight home.

6. What do I need to do on the last night of the cruise?

Pack your bags and place them outside your stateroom door by midnight. Your stateroom attendant will give you colored tags for each piece of luggage. Please put your name and home address on each tag and remove all loose straps from your bags. Carry fragile and valuable items with you.



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