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Armenia  Holiday Package

Armenia Holiday Package


1. What is the weather like in Armenia?

The weather in Armenia is mild in winter and hot in summer. In summer the temperature fluctuates between +22C to +36C. The winters are mainly cold, the average temperature is between -15C to -1C.

2. When is the best time to visit Armenia?

Since all 4 seasons are distinctively experienced in Armenia, it comes down to what you are planning to do in Armenia. Even though we get a lot of tourist year-round, July-August remains the most popular time of year to visit.

3. Where can I exchange money?

There are currency exchange offices everywhere in Yerevan, especially in the big stores and central places. Banks exchange currency, too

4. Are credit cards widely accepted in Armenia?

Most businesses accept widely used credit cards e.g. Visa, MasterCard, Arca (Armenian Card), however it is a good idea to ask prior to making your purchase in smaller stores. There are many ATMs all over the major cities and towns also at famous tourist attraction sites.

5. What is the maximum amount of foreign currency, allowed to be taken to and out of Armenia?

Any amount of foreign currency can be taken to Armenia. In case of taking more than 5.000.000 AMD (or equivalent currency) out of the country, 

6. Where in Armenia is it possible to make International calls? Do they sell any telephone cards?

International calls can be made in the post offices. There are also telephone cards sold everywhere, which allow making a call by fixed and mobile phones

7. Can I get a mobile phone number?

Yes. You can have a prepaid or postpaid service at the airport, the offices of the telecommunication companies or at any newspaper selling shops (small green booths) by only presenting your valid travel document or passport. There are three mobile service providers – BeelineVivacell MTS, and Orange.

8. Where can I access the internet?

All bus stops in Yerevan and other major cities and towns, also some of the public buses are equipped with free Wi-Fi. Metro is connected to free Wi-Fi as well. Many cafes and restaurants and public squares like Freedom and Aznavour squares in Yerevan will offer free Wi-Fi. Almost all hotels and most hostels will provide free Wi-Fi, although additional charges may apply

9. What means of public transportation can be found in Yerevan?

The following means of public transportation are available in Yerevan: metro (100 AMD), taxicabs (100 AMD per 1 km, the minimum fare is 600 AMD), buses (100 AMD) and minibusses (100 AMD). Taxicabs, buses, and minibusses connect Yerevan and the adjacent areas.

10. Dress code

There is no peculiar everyday clothing rule, especially in Yerevan and other big cities, where particularly youth have complete freedom in clothing. 



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