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 Day 1. Arrival at Zvartnots International Airport – Transfer to the hotel – overnight

Day 2.  Yerevan city tour – Yerevan overnight   

Breakfast at hotel. Yerevan is the capital and the biggest district of Armenia; one of the most ancient cities in the world. It is 2.793 years old. The name of the city refers to Erebuni Fortress of Urartu. In 1918 it became the 14th in history capital of Armenia. Yerevan is 900-1400 meters above sea level. The image of today’s Yerevan is formed according to Alexander Tamanyan’s plan of 1924 – the city, build in accordance with the unified plan of church architecture. Free time for shopping and sightseeing.  Yerevan is famous as a pink city and calls visitors with its humble and at the same time splendid landscapes. One of the famous tourist attraction is Cascade Monument which was the main symbol of the cities 2780th anniversary with the equivalent number of stairs. Mega scale staircase is 500 meters high and 50 meters wide. A panoramic view from the monument opens up breathtaking city view with Opera House, Mount Ararat, Swan Lake, Republic Square, and Abovyan Avenue. If it is a weekend, visit Vernissage, the biggest souvenir market in Yerevan. In the center you can find many restaurants, cafes and shops.

 Day 3. Garni Temple – Geghard Monastery – Sevan Lake – Yerevan overnight

Breakfast at hotel. Departure for the Kotayk Province. It is known for the nearby classical temple. he true and unique masterpiece of Hellenistic architecture in Armenia is the pagan temple of the Sun, Garni. It is one of the most ancient landmarks in Kotayk and whole Armenia which has survived since pagan period. Historians attribute its erection to the ancient-Armenian tsar Trdat who adopted Christianity as official religion in 301. Although many scientists believe that it was constructed in the 1 st century AD.  he temple found on the territory of the fortress is very attractive judging by the remains of richly decorations both inside and outside. Not far from the temple was the typical Roman bath built in the end of the 3 rd century. One of them is the mosaic floor made in the best traditions of the fine arts of ancient Armenia.

Geghard monastery is the unsurpassable masterwork of the 13th century Armenian architecture. Some of the churches of the complex are masterfully hewn in a huge rock. From the outset the complex was called Ayrivank (cave monastery), later it was renamed Geghard (lance), as the lance used by the roman soldier to sting Jesus Christ’s side, was kept in this monastery for many centuries. Due to its construction Geghardavank serves the best place for singing spiritual songs. The complex is rich in subtle sculptural embellishments and many striking khachkars (cross-stones).

Not far from the temple of Garni (about 10 minutes’ walk), there is a cozy local restaurant with an amazing view of the temple, where you can relax and take part in master-class of tasting of freshly baked lavash – traditional Armenian flatbread.

Lake Sevan - the largest in the Caucasus, as well as one of the largest alpine freshwater lakes on Earth. The lake consists of two unequal parts - Big Sevan and Small Sevan. Of the historical monuments on the coast of Sevan, the most legendary is the monastery of Sevanavank, located on a peninsula in the north-western part of the lake. Initially, the monastery was located on the peninsula, although in connection with a decrease in the water level, an isthmus appeared connecting the peninsula to land. On the western slope of there is another monastery called- Ayrivank. Today, Sevan is one of the favorite and most visited resorts for tourists.

Optional: Dilijan city tour – Visit Parz lake – Free time – Yerevan overnight

Breakfast at hotel. Departure for Tavush region. It is located at the northeast of Armenia. Most of the Tavush territory is covered with thick forests, mainly around the towns of Dilijan, Ijevan and Berd. The province has a number of protected forests including the Dilijan National Park, Akhnabad Taxus Grove Sanctuary, Arjatkhelni Hazel Sanctuary, Gandzakar Sanctuary, Ijevan Sanctuary and Zikatar Sanctuary. Dilijan, is a spa town and urban municipal community in the Tavush Province of Armenia. Usually called  Armenian Switzerland or Little Switzerland by the locals, it is one of the most important resorts of Armenia, situated within the Dilijan National ParkLake Parz is a small lake located in the Dilijan National Park east of Dilijan in Armenia. The lake was formed by natural climatic changes. "Parz" in Armenian means pure.

Day 4. Transfer to the airport – Departure


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CHILD  older than 12 years

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Prices include:

  • 3 nights hotel accommodation with breakfast
  • Full transportation with Arabic/English speaking guide
  • Entrance ticket for Garni Temple
  • Airport shuttle service
  • Customer Support 24/7

Prices do not include:

  • The services not mentioned in the above inclusions
  • Tips
  • Extras
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