Global Village offers a world of experiences

Dubai: Global Village opened its gates to the public on Wednesday night, promising a supersized six-month offering until April.

Global Village, the region’s first and largest multi-cultural festival park, kicked off its 22nd season with the theme “Come Experience the World”.

Representing more than 75 countries through 27 pavilions, Global Village will showcase the participating country or region’s signature monuments and landmarks with new and distinctive facades. The new pavilions include Oman, Bosnia and Bangladesh.

Award-winning theatrical cultural performances and concerts will be held every Friday.

Global Village Dubai season 22 also presents new infrastructure enhancements as it does every year. It includes a Cultural Square and a Global Village Boulevard.

Shows featured during the month of November will include ‘Tall Tales’, which bridges the reality between huge theatre screens and its exhibits, and a number of high-energy acrobatic stunts.

The Carnival will be this season’s key attraction with 28 rides, 34 skill games and more than 100 arcade games in a new Arcade building designed as a carnival tent. Rides are divided into three categories: children, family, and thrill rides.

The dining choices are plenty with various cuisines available, plus the popular food carts spread across the theme park.