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Israel Muslim Pilgrimage
Israel Muslim Pilgrimage
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AED 6550

Itinerary Details

Day 1
Overnight: Jerusalem.

Arrival transfer to your hotel.

Day 2
Overnight: Jerusalem.

Your tour begins with a panoramic view of Jerusalem, the old holy city "El Quds" from the Mount of  Olives. Visit the Hulda Tomb and the Tomb of the Prophets. Enter through the walls of the Old City  to visit the El Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, also known as the Mosque of Omar built  around "Qubbat es Sahra". Walk through the bazaar to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the burial  place of Nabi Esa, visit the school of El Omria. Drive to Nabi Musa Tomb and continue to Jericho,  the oldest city in the world, visit the Hisham Palace, remains of winter palace built by Umayyad Caliph  Hisham, and the springs "Ein es Sultan".

Day 3
Overnight: Jerusalem

Drive to Bethlehem to visit the Tomb of Rachel, wife of Jacob. Continue to the Church of the Nativity,  the birth site of Jesus - Nabi Essa. Continue to Hebron for a visit of the Patriarchs' caves, the burial  place of Nabi Ibraham, Nabi Isaac, Nabi Jacob and their wives Sara, Rivka and Lea. Return to  Jerusalem. Visit the Nabi Samuel site and drive to the Mount of Zion to see David's – Nabi Daoud's  – Tomb. See the room where Jesus – Nabi Essa – had his last supper. End the day with prayers at  El Aqsa Mosque. 

Day 4
Overnight: Jerusalem

Drive down through the Judean desert on your way to the lowest point on earth - the Dead Sea,  located some 400 metres below sea level. Ascend the rock of Masada by cable car, walk through  palaces built by Herod the Great and see evidence of the Roman 10th Legion army camps from  nearly 2000 years ago. Stop at the Dead Sea and enjoy a “swim” in the salty, mineral rich waters.  Enjoy a walk in the beautiful oasis of Ein Gedi, and see the pools and waterfall. Return to  Jerusalem.  

Day 5
Overnight: Jerusalem

Drive along the Jordan Valley to Kfar Hittin (the horns of Hittin) which recalls the defeat of  the Crusaders by the army of Saladin, and the Druze Sanctuary of Jethro (father-in-law of  Moses). Continue to Akko to visit the Citadel built by El Jazaar in 1781 and the El Jazaar  Mosque; it has a beautiful courtyard, and a twin domed building holding the Sarcophagi of  Ahmed Al Jazaar and his successor Suleyman. Proceed to Haifa, which is Israel's main  

port. Visit the cave of the Prophet Elijah and the Persian Gardens, the Istikal Mosque, and  the Druze villages Isfiya and Daliat-El-Karmel. Drive along the beautiful mountains of Mt.  Carmel to the Mediterranean shore, and via the coastal road to Caesarea, ancient Roman  capital. Visit the site, see the ancient Roman theatre and the Aqueduct. Return to  Jerusalem. 

Day 6

Transfer to Ben Gurion Airport for international departure 



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