Inquiry Form
Inquiry Form
Repatriation Flights To India
Repatriation Flights To India
Chartered Flights

Namaskar ! 

The purpose of this form is to register details of those who are willing to travel to India through our Repatriation Flights.

We are organizing Special Chartered Flights to different cities in India to help the destressed Indians wanting to travel back home.

We already had two successful chartered flights to Mumbai & Pune on 13th & 14th June 2020 repectively.

We are collecting information and  will contact you as we schedule a flight. This form is to be filled for a single individual at a time.

All rules and regulations of Government of UAE on departure and Government of India on arrival will need to be strictly followed, especially those related to Covid-19.

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  • Please note again that filling up of this form is for information collection and doesn't automatically entitle a seat on a flight to India.
  • After 'Submit' please ensure that you get a "Thank you for registering with us" page to be sure that your registration in the Database is successful.
  • If you don't get the message please fill your details again.
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